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C-ducer Piano Systems

The products described here relate only to miking the piano. For using C-ducer in

    other applications (strings, percussion, sound effects etc. please click here.)

CQS/8 Stereo piano microphone system

The CQS/8 comprises two C-ducer tape microphones each with its own low noise preamplifier providing two separate low-impedance outputs and a high-quality, stereo feed for studio or live performance use. The significant degree of separation between low and high registers provides a great deal of versatility regards stereo separation as well as equalisation.

CQ2/8 Mono piano microphone system

Like the CQS/8, the CQ2/8 comprises two C-ducer tape mics. However, in the CQ2 the two mics are combined into one low noise preamplifier providing a mono low-impedance, high-quality output with upper and lower register microphones equally balanced, suitable for recording or live amplification.

The CQ Professional range of C-ducer microphones is Phantom-Powered (24-48VDC) with balanced output.  Both the Stereo CQS/8 and the Mono CQM/8 use two C-ducer tape mics, but the output from the CQS is stereo and the CQM/8 output is mono. As can be seen  in the application notes, the tape mics are mounted such that when using the CQS, one output is predominantly from the bass strings and the other from the upper octaves.





The battery-powered C-ducer ‘Gigster’ B2000/8 uses two of the same high-quality tape mics as the Professional range, but has an unbalanced output suitable for feeding a keyboard amp or radio mic.  Ideal for the ‘gigging’ musician, the Gigster provides years of trouble-free use from its integral battery and the electronics are housed inside a 1/4” Jack socket.  The output is at around line level and compatible with desk or amplifier inputs.  The C-ducer mics are attached to an upright or grand piano in the same way as for the professional range.

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CQS/8p Stereo piano microphone system

The CQS/8p is identical to the CQS/8 but with inline connectors so that the C-ducer mic can be left on the instrument but the main bulk of the cable disconnected.

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